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Formigine (MO)

About us


Our story

Supernova is a star born from the entrepreneurial idea of a group of individuals eager to promote well-being through nutrition.

The focus of our research is innovative production technologies aimed at naturally extracting essential micro and macronutrients from raw materials, crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

We are all aware of the importance of nutrition.

Diet plays a crucial role as the first line of defense and an essential solution to numerous diseases, particularly prevalent in developed countries.

Our research on functional powders has been and continues to be carried out globally through international fairs, and collaborating with Italian research centers allows us to expand our knowledge.

The necessary attention to sustainability and a more mindful and comprehensive approach to nutrition is generating new trends among consumers, and this is our focus – meeting the growing individual need for well-being.

With a parameter that becomes a common thread throughout our product lines: the naturalness of the ingredients.

It is nature that gifts us with wonderful colors, and it also provides us with sweet solutions without the need for chemical additives.

Let’s love ourselves: let’s eat natural!

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